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Zululand, Kwazulu Natal

Immerse yourself in the traditional Zulu culture of rural KwaZulu-Natal, commonly known as Zululand. Despite traditional life being under constant threat from 1st world influences, many Zulu cultural practices remain intact.

To fully experience the traditional culture, we recommend that you visit one of the cultural villages, such as eMakhosini, also referred to as 'living museums'. Sleep over in a traditional Zulu homestead, sample traditional cuisine and Nqombothi, which is traditional Zulu beer. You can visit a traditional healer who are able to show you the medicinal plants still used by many rural South Africans. eMakhosini village also houses the graves and royal residences of four most notable Zulu Kings, Shaka, Dingane, Mpande and Cetswayo, not to mention the grave of the Voortrekker leader, Piet Retief. Even though some of these residences were destroyed by British Imperial forces, they have been restored and are now parts of museums and guided tours.

Other smaller villages in Zululand also offer many sites to see. There is a canopy boardwalk through the Dlinza Forest in the village of Eshowe, and an excellent arts and crafts centre at Fort Nonqayi.

Like with most of KwaZulu-Natal, Zululand has many fine game reserves where you can see many different types of animals native to the country.

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